DUI Defense Strategies

Getting arrested for DUI (or DWI) is serious business. You have a lot at stake. Every case presents a very real possibility of a Court fine, jail time, permanent criminal record, license suspension and sky high insurance rates. There are however legal and factual defenses to a DUI case that may be available to you. This article explains four of the numerous common defenses to DUI.

In every state in order to be convicted of DUI the State must be able to prove that you were the driver of a vehicle. In many cases this is easily established by the police pulling over a moving vehicle and arresting the driver. In some other cases though people are arrested for DUI after a vehicle registered to them is found to have been involved in a single car accident. People may be arrested for DUI hours later, and miles away from the accident scene. Upon being challenged in Court later the police can’t always establish the defendant was actually driving the car.

Why do you need a DUI defense lawyer in Mississauga?

The penalties associated with a DUI conviction are quite severe and can have lasting effect. But when you work with a DUI law office you have skilled representation to help limit the consequences, or possibly eliminate a DUI conviction. Some of the penalties of DUI conviction may include:

•Steep monetary fines


•Loss of driving license

•Increased insurance rates for years following your conviction

•Mandatory alcohol or drug treatment

•Community service

Our DUI defense lawyers in Mississauga work exclusively on the defense of DUI charges and criminal defense. Our attorneys can:

•Evaluate the original traffic stop, the procedures for testing and filing of charges, and the strength of the case.

•Question the efficacy of the testing equipment.

•Use knowledge of health circumstances and how they may affect test results.

The ramifications to a DUI arrest and conviction are serious enough so that every individual arrested should have their case reviewed by a DUI defense attorney. In addition to the four defenses discussed here there are many others, including roadblock procedures, probable cause for the stop, Miranda violations, field sobriety testing mistakes, breathalyzer error, involuntary intoxication, or medical evidence challenges to BAC results. A DUI defense attorney will review the complete circumstances surrounding a DUI arrest for factual and legal defense