Being charged with a sexual crime is a confronting and difficult situation, and a highly personal one. We understand this, and can offer robust representation and thorough, measured advice to those seeking counsel.

Because nothing – there IS no excuse for psychological or emotional abuse.

Threatening, frightening, belittling or embarrassing a partner is serious and inexcusable. 
Emotional abuse can include (but is not limited to) …

  • Verbal aggression and fits of rage.
  • Threatening to leave or self-harm as blackmail.
  • Regularly teasing or putting someone down to damage a partner’s self-worth.
  • ‘Gaslighting’ or tricking and lying to make a partner question their own sanity.
  • Constantly correcting or criticising to diminish a partner’s confidence.

A domestic violence situation may lead to one or both parties seeking an Intervention Order. Intervention Orders are dealt with by police and criminal lawyers in the Magistrates’ Courts. These orders can become very important in family law matters including parenting and property proceedings. In some cases, where there have been findings made by a Magistrate in a contested Intervention Order proceeding, one or both parties may be prevented from re-agitating those issues in the Family Law Courts unless there is different or new evidence which might affect the initial findings.

This short article describes powers of attorney and discusses the potential for such arrangements to contribute to the financial abuse of older people in Australia. Financial abuse is recognised as a form of elder abuse. Professionals working in the community welfare or aged care sectors may be required to help older Australians with a power of attorney arrangement. This article aims to increase sector professionals’ awareness of the existence of power of attorney arrangements and how these arrangements may protect older people from abuse; while also acknowledging the risks of abuse in this context.

If you have been a victim of domestic violence, and wish to make a report or take further legal action, then Stacks domestic violence law specialists are ready to come to your assistance and take on your case. We provide all the guidance and advice you need, and will treat your case with the utmost professionalism, respect and confidentiality. We’re more than your legal partner – we’re here to support you through this difficult time. Stacks Law Firm has had decades of experience dealing with domestic violence cases and are here to help you through what is undoubtedly a difficult and uncertain time for you.