Our clients require prompt assistance, with a solution that demonstrates knowledge of their organisation. Our most common service is sounding board advice to HR Professionals within companies that need to head off a growing issue. That advice could be in relation to a performance management issue, a post-engagement restraint enforcement issue, the engagement of a new independent contractor, a workplace health and safety incident, an up-coming negotiation for a new enterprise agreement, or numerous other matters that may arise and affect a company’s workforce.

Our employment, workplace relations, and safety services include:

  • Assisting employers to respond to critical workplace health and safety incidents and investigations
  • Designing employment change strategies
  • Drafting and negotiating enterprise and workplace agreements, employment contracts, and awards
  • Employment law training
  • Developing workplace health and safety policies, and compliance programs
  • Managing publicity sensitive matters
  • Representing employers in relation to unfair dismissal, discrimination, and other employment claims

To us, working in collaboration with our clients means seeing their problem or opportunity as our own. When needed to help make a business critical decision, we don’t fence sit. We say what we think and help make a call.

As a result, we have been profiled in the leading international rankings of the legal industry.